NEW MEMBER INFORMATION - In April of 2002 the group reorganized. The group was formerly known as "Rockaway Emergency Coastal Weather Alert." To contribute to the residents of the City of New York the same dedicated volunteer services that we had been providing for the last three years. Hence the name of the group was changed to "Regional Emergency Communications and Weather Association." In early July the equipment that was owned by the members was removed from the station. The quest than began for a new location. The members are still active in Emergency Preparedness and can respond in a very short period of time when called upon. With the use of portable equipment, the same level of services can and will be delivered. The team is still monitoring weather conditions seven days a week 24 hours a day and again will be able to respond if needed or called upon. As always, we are looking for a few new members. Being part of this team is not like being part of a club. We operate very differently and each member depends on the other in order to get the job done.

What is in it for a new member?

1- The desire to help your fellow citizens in time of Emergency whatever that Emergency may be.

2- The ability to work along side of others during an Emergency.

3- Hard work hard work consists of learning about the equipment we use, helping to install new or repaired equipment at the Com. center. Being able to attend monthly meetings, attend various on site and off site functions

4- training both on and off site training ( classroom and field ) Field Exercises are held off site. You must provide your own transportation Classes will be held in order for you to obtain an Amateur Radio License. Books and test fees come to about 30 dollars a student).

5- Personnel satisfaction When the job is done Knowing for a Fact that you did your best to make a difference

Those are just a few of the things we look for in a member of this organization.

Can you handle it?

What we expect from you upon application for membership:

Drivers License

Have no Criminal Record.

Must purchase your own equipment.

Must have your own Transportation.

What to expect from us Members of the group will interview you:

They will ask you questions

They will then meet at a later date and decide if you will be accepted as a probational member. At the end of 90 days a meeting will be held by the Board of Directors and a review of your performance will be looked at.

A that time a vote will be taken by the board. Each member of the Board will cast a vote, either positive or negative, An explanation of the vote will be made by the person's casting-said vote.

The reason for this procedure is quite simple. As we progressed over the years and we learned more and more about our duties we also learned that we would have to work long tours of duty and quite possibly for an extended period of time. Case in point was Sept. 11, 2001. Members of the group worked 16 to 20 hour shifts for a period of three weeks. It is imperative that we all are able to work together during an Emergency such as this. Members must be able to get along even under trying circumstances. The work is thankless and stressful. In essence the success of the unit is based on each individual member and each individual member creates the success. This kind of operation is not for everyone. It includes and doesn't limit personal sacrifices. It creates and doesn't limit long hours, stress, hard work and pushing for the ultimate outcome, Being the best WE can be.