About Us


       Back in Feb. of 1998 we thought about building the Weather Station. It needed to be in a place where it could do the most good. Not just anywhere in New York. With the help of a friend we were introduced to a Volunteer Ambulance group that was also just starting out. After meeting with the Ambulance squad it was agreed that we would share a space. In mid March we started to build the Communications room. By mid April the room was completed.

         As time went it was evident that we were going to have a problem. By now we had four people in the group and had spent hundreds of hours putting everything together; we were getting nowhere. Then the day came the Ambulance group threw in the towel and the doors were shut. However, we hung in there. In the winter of 1999 we received a bit of good news. The Jasser building was was interested. Lucky for us the management of the Jasser Bldg. was open to dialog. We met with them on several occasions and the deal was done.

         All equipment operating at the weather station has been financed by the members. We have had no outside help in anyway shape or form. We have been pooling money over the last two years. What the total cost is today, don't have a clue. We just keep spending our pocket money. Require more information, or would like to lend a hand in the future development of the station? Let us know.

         RECWA is not just a Weather Communications Group. Each member brings something to the group: Skills and education and a desire to do whatever is needed in order to preserve the health and safety of our communities. We are a Group in which members interact with each other and the public with a primary duty of keeping them all safe. We are open to creating relationships with authorities of the surround communities of the Rockaways. However, our primary concern is the Rockaways.

         Since 9/11 we have changed with the time a new name and a greater Mission. September 11 [911] changed the world and after spending two weeks at the site it was decided a name change was in order and a new location. After a meeting of the membership the name was changed to its current form. As we all learned, we need to be able to be available to aid in all forms of emergencies. Working in conjunction with the Rockaway Chamber of Commerce, NYC RACES, Office of Emergency Management and The National Weather Service we still provide at our new location the same service and dedication.